Weight Loss Chart Spreadsheet – 3+ Editable Templates For Weight Loss Tracking

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Looking for free weight loss chart spreadsheet? Need to rest easy, have more strength and even add a very long time to your life? Simply work out and keep your weight at the optimum level. The health advantages of general exercise and remaining fit are difficult to disdain. Want to remain and spend healthy life, simply work out. Moreover, it pays improves your physical and mind ability along stamina to walk or run!

Keeping up a body weight to the optimum level or if you desire to reduce it, it can be little tough with no tracker and if you are unable to track the results. This spreadsheet is characterized as the estimation of muscle versus fat in view of the individual’s tallness and weight. It decides whether a specific individual’s weight is inside the suitable range contingent according to his height or not.

Main components of weight loss chart template

This Excel format is utilized for following and diagramming a lady’s estimations, weight, exercise routine and weight and muscle versus fat. This available format is the ideal method to outline your weight reduction:

weight loss chart template


Start by entering current details of yours.
Add start weight in cell C4
Start date in cell C5
And start BMI in cell C6

Add goal weight in cell F4
Goal date in cell F5
And goal BMI in cell F6

Weight loss chart template table

The table is composed of headings, date, weight (lbs), +/-, BMI, 1 lb/ week, 2 lb/week


Enter the date in cell A28 with formula, =C5+1 and the rest will be filled in automatically

Weight and +/-

Enter the weight on the specific date in cell B28 and keep doing it
+/ – weight can be calculated with formula =IF (B28=””,””, B28-$C$4) in cell C28 and onwards


It is shown in cell D28 with formula =IF (ISBLANK (B28),””, B28*703/ ($I$4*12+$I$5) ^2)
Track down your weight with this free weight loss chart spreadsheet now!

Weight Loss Chart Template Excel:

weight loss chart template excel

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Printable Weight Tracking Template:

Printable Weight Tracking Template

[download-attachment id=”166″ title=”Printable Weight Tracking Template”]

Weight Tracker Template for Excel:

Weight Tracker Template for Excel

[download-attachment id=”169″ title=”Weight Tracker Template for Excel”]

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