5+ Free Petty Cash Template Excel Download

Petty Cash Book Format in Excel Template: Petty cash template excel is different from other company financial documents. Petty cash helps your company in carrying out daily operations in an efficient manner, while there is no need to withdraw cash from the company accounts. For instance, if you want to Purchase espresso for the workplace coffeemaker or paying tolls or stopping meters, petty cash will help!

Treating workers to pizza to praise an achievement or need to purchase stationery, you can now take help from ready to go petty cash template excel available here. Petty cash reserves are utilized by organizations to deal with little coincidental buys that can come up occasionally over the span of business tasks. However, this amount turns to a significant amount at the year-end.

Format of Petty Cash Book Template

Want to have an efficient record book or want to make tracking of money simple? Let’s explore the design of this petty cash template excel before downloading it:

cash book format in excel sheet

Download Petty Cash Template

Header section

Start by filling this section of the template. Enter your organization name and logo to get started.
Add the initial petty cash amount and date as well.

Body of Petty Cash Template

This part of the template consists of:

  • Date
  • Receipt no
  • Description of expense
  • Amount deposited
  • Amount is withdrawn
  • Charged to
  • Received by

Coming in the ready to go format, you can use it as it is or make amendments according to your requirements.

Date & receipt no

Start hitting the date in column A whenever a transaction is made.
Now add the receipt number in column B for that transaction.

Petty Cash Template Excel

petty cash template excel

Download Petty Cash Template Excel

Petty Cash Template Excel Download

Petty Cash Template Excel

Petty Cash Log Template

Petty Cash Form

Petty Cash Form

Download Petty Cash Form

Petty Cash

petty cash

Download Petty Cash


Add a suitable description for expenses in column C.
The amount deposited and withdrawn
As a result of each transaction, the petty cash amount is decreased or increased.
Add the amount deposited or withdrawn in cells D & E.

Charged to & received to

Add if the amount is charged to or received and the name of the respective person in cells F and G.

Download this minimalistic petty cash template for free.

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