10+ Top Letter of Recommendation Template Download

Letter of recommendation template word is useful for employers to hire or promote the employees and to confirm the qualifications of new hire from the third party. Writing a Letter of recommendation is not a lengthy process all you need to do is to write constructive comments for a person. It is a kind of authorization letter for the person you are writing for.

Using a letter of recommendation template word can aid you to make sure that all important points are covered to be in this letter.

The person who applied for employment better knows how vital the recommendation letter is for them. It will be helpful for the employees in order to get hire or promote themselves. When applying for any job, the employer’s demands recommendation letter after the interview and tests to confirm the experiences of the applicant.

letter of recommendation

Significance of Letter of Recommendation Template

  1. It helps the employers to decide whom to hire or promote from the organization.
  2. It aids employers to assess the originality of the applicant’s records.
  3. It aids employers to ensure the qualifications and experiences of candidates.
  4. Employers would get to know what skills and new additions new candidate would bring to the organization.
  5. It helps the employers to forecast the upcoming performance of the candidates based on their past accomplishments and qualifications.
  6. It is a character certificate for employers to assess the candidate.
  7. Anybody can use and customize it according to its own strengths and profiles.

Components of Letter of Recommendation Template

  1. Name: in the template name must be written in the front of the document if you don’t have letterhead you just write the name instead of with contact info.
  2. Contact information: You contact number must be written in this.
  3. Letterhead
  4. Address: address postal, temporary or permanent must be enlisted here.
  5. Email address: email should also be written because it is the formal way the organizations use to communicate something.
  6. Date: the date on which the letter is issued
  7. Acknowledgments: use the name of the people or person you want to address don’t use unclear statements.
  8. Introduction: in this introduction, the person must introduce itself and explain the relationship with the person he or she is recommending and describe you long you have known to this person.
  9. Achievements or accomplishments: describe the achievements and the accomplishments of the person you are recommending and giving positive feedback. Explain and enlist all academic, individual, and proficient accomplishments in detail.
  10. Individualities: enlist the personal traits and characteristics of that person. In short, you can also explain the personality of the person you are recommending. Strengths and weaknesses can also be enlisted in this template in the third paragraph.
  11. Closing: at the end, you must enclose the letter with the lines that are “call to action” that inspire the employer to respond in response to this letter.

Sample of Letter of Recommendation Template Free Download

letter of recommendation template


Letter of Recommendation Template Word

letter of recommendation template word


Letter of Recommendation Template for Employee

letter of recommendation template


In the end, you should ensure that in the letter of recommendation template all important elements and information is explained and covered in this letter.

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