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Gap analysis template is a handy tool that can ease your problem-solving. Have you been affiliated with any organization? Every organization used this Gap analysis template excel in order to properly locate where the problem actually exists in the system or structure. There is much organization no matter how big and small they are there are always some bottlenecks that exist even in system, structure, and the Human resource the people as well.

The important matter is how can managers locate where the problem or bottlenecks exist. This data gap analysis template helps the strategic planning managers to take decisions for monitoring and controlling purposes.

Every organization has smart goals, tactics, capabilities, and sub-goals to achieve either they are related to performance and either related to Human resource goals. These goals should be met in order to perform successfully and effectively. To monitor these goals to be accomplished or not that’s what the gap analysis template in excel is used for. Strategic planning managers have planned and half work is done but there must be a tool to spot the Gaps that exist in actual performance and the projected one.

gap analysis template

The Gap is the difference between the actual performance of a company and the projected or benchmarked one. This Gap is always spotted by the controlling managers as control decisions are the decisions that are based on the Gap analysis. If a gap exists do take corrective actions, and if no gap exists no action would be needed and managers would maintain the status quo.

How To Use Gap Analysis Template

Define Category

There are three categories on which we can do a gap analysis. These categories are organizational, departmental, team level. The gap can exist in one of the levels or categories of the company. As if a manager has set organizational or strategic long term goals he or she must categorize it into the organizational or corporate level. On the other hand, if someone has tactical and process-oriented functional goals these must be categorized into the departmental Gap analysis. If the Team leader has set some goals for the team members to achieve that must be done under the team level gap analysis.

Gap Analysis Template

gap analysis template


Define the current position

Secondly, we must define the current state of the organization in order to assess the gap. The current state can be defined by doing PESTLE and SWOT analysis of the company by planning managers.

Define the Desired Level

The desired level is the level that is regarded as the benchmark the company has set to perform successfully. These can be defined as the organizational, departmental, and team levels goals or positions. The level of where you want to go after some time.

Gap Spotted

You must write the Gap that exists between these desired and current levels in order to prioritize and take actions further against the gaps.

Gap Analysis Template Excel

gap analysis template excel


Gap Analysis Template in Excel

gap analysis template in excel


Gap Analysis Template Sample

gap analysis template

Gap Analysis Template Word

gap analysis template

Gap Analysis Template Healthcare

gap analysis template healthcare

Download Gap Analysis

Download Gap Analysis Example

gap analysis template

Corrective actions needed

Enlist the possible corrective actions you can tale once the specific gap exists in the performance of the organization, department, or team.

Prioritizing the Gaps

Enlist the gap in the priority and urgency levels to solve.

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